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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"Ah fair enough. Still play them sometimes."

"Yes. I will be a good slave for Tom.

I was smiling, about to round a corner in the hallway, when a skinny girl, honey-blonde hair in a fyck down her back, walked by, and I grabbed her arm. "Virgin?" I asked.

"No," she answered. I pushed her into the janitor's supply closet, pulled off her tights, lifted her red skirt and started plowing her pussy.

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According to the bible...life had pristine genomes with very little mutation the time of that global bottleneck. All life went through some catastrophe that's a fact..


That is the dictionary definition of socialism!


You can't get Trump out of your head, he owns you and your thoughts. What the hell are you the captain of?


You think Good/God is ruling?


Follow the law. How hard is that? Snowflake bakers and other Jesus lovers.


Gl, hope you have the recharge cable, ????????15% battery, nice to see your screen


You can?t even prove a god, much less whether it?s transcendent or not...

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