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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"Aww poor thing you"

Her soft, wet pussy giving way as I slid into her cunt all the way.

One Crazy Night I Fucked My Step Sister Harley with CIM!

I wish I could be there, but Mary's family was coming over for dinner and I was hoping to fuck both her sisters tonight.

I was starving, and the cafeteria was just up the hall from the locker room. It was the first lunch period, I learned, from a saucy girl with brunette hair while waiting to get some food.

Her name was Whitney and she wasn't a virgin. Whitney complained about having first lunch.

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She's ugly mate


Actually, I made my point, and it was clear and on topic. You apparently lack the proper intellect to grasp it.


Interesting how those foreign sources of funds dried up after election night.


Way to demonstrate your illiteracy again!! You might consider shaving those critters before you get involved if you are going to be playing on Disqus at the same time as you "take care" of your pets. ROFL!


Girl your eyes!


Seriously. Let's do this.


Video cameras and cell phones you are on camera everywhere you go


Thats how it works, proven formula that many of them adhere to...


I didn't know we were pals? I'm going to decline.


Over a 70% chance these are Trump voters. Clearfield County vote map.

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