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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"The Bible says Christians will see the billions of galaxies? Where? Revelation talks about stars falling out of the sky so I don't think the authors of the Bible knew anything about the nature of the stars."

Their clothes came off as the rest of the class were doing some sort of experiment. The twins had large breasts topped with dark nipples, Daisy's cunt shaved bare and Rose's covered by a blonde bush.

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Nothing tasted better than a woman's pussy juices. The bathroom door opened and a girl texting on her smart phone walked in, so focused on her phone she reached the first stall before she realized what was going on. Her blue eyes, framed by red-rimmed glasses, widened in surprise, her hand going to her mouth.

She wore a long, Black skirt and conservative, white blouse tucked into her skirt. Her hair was black, cut short, with a single red streak down he left bangs that was at odds with her conservative dress.

"Oh, jeepers," she gasped and then flushed, closing her eyes.

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Nope, federal age protection is for workers 40 and over. try again.


Jean Paul Sartre is clear about what Hell is. "L'enfer, c'est les Autres" (translated: Hell, is the Others). It is a quote from a play called ?Huis clos? (liit. Closed doors, but most commonly translated as ?No exit?).


One word to sum up Jennifer castanon?


No honor amongst thieves.


It isn't. Get a grip.


As a mother who just lost a child would you really want to hear some crap like that? Really? Would it make you feel better if she stood at your daughters funeral and tried to console you with those words?


You do know that Flynn, Gates & Papadopoulos are sort of the American version of the Russian indictments? Now we can include David Pecker. I don't know if he did anything wrong it won't matter he got the best deal, immunity, so even if he did, he gets off scout free (as long as the rules are followed & he tells the truth) Sounds like Allen Weisselberg got it too. Gee now why would they give immunity to people that have been long time associates & possible friends?


Thanks for that.


Its really not about the money. It's the emotional part. She contributed more to the house, but there is more to it that could get longwinded to explain. In all, we bought that house and we referred to it as 'our house' and 'our home' etc. For her attorney to say it's all hers now is a kick to the balls.

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