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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"If you come with the inspection to check the validity of the RCC miracles, they will kick you out. Quite rightly. Never discuss the religion of your neighbour. That is how all religious wars happened."

"Girls, line up, naked.

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"You, go teach the boys today, and don't tell anyone what's going on in here!" I barked. "Girls, line up, naked. " The teacher walked out in stunned surprise and the fifteen or so teenage girls started stripping naked.

A confused buzz echoing through the locker room as the girls questioned each other, wonder what was happening. My cock was raging hard as I pulled off my clothes, and the girls flushed, some looking boldly at my cock, others looking away in embarrassment.

And some that looked away were sneaking curious peaks.

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I ask because it seems indigenous people walk through space and 'civilized' people walk through time.


Okay, you made the statement establishing your position, now prove your case.


You confuse accuracy with pettiness. And Dinosaurs were nowhere near being the first land animals.

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