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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"The possibility that there could be an infinite number of alleged supernatural creators also complicates the analysis."

" "Shit!" he cursed. fuck.

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We passed Hikaru as she patiently waited for her new master to come and take her away to her life as a sex slave. A slight smile graced her lips and she squeezed her thighs in excitement. I led the virgins to my car, and put them in the backseat of my silver Mustang and climbed in the front, starting the car.

"Okay, girls, let's go get those cherries popped," I said, glancing in my mirror.

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Series: One Punch Man, and Rick & Morty


Unless there is proven payments to Russia to hack the election - the GOP will stand behind the President. They risk losing Trump's base.


You mean it is alleged that Jesus often used parables and paradoxes. Is there anything in this passage that reads like a parable or a paradox?


Yes, you could limit yourself like that in the market and it would indicate more obviously that you are more Christian orientated.


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