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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"He made the claim, but there is no way in hell that he actually believed it was a hoax."

Her cunt was tight and wet on my cock and my balls slapping against her clit as I fucked her.

I watched Fernie writhe on Petrina's lips, panting loudly. I felt pressure in my bladder and was about to head into a stall, when I stopped.

There was a cute little pee slut here. Why waste my piss in the toilet when Petrina would love to pee. And then an even nastier though entered my mind.

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Good mate had a bad one in Jan. Been racing with him for 10 yrs. He has just gone back to work on light duties and will never race again. Our little team is devastated. His whole life has changed. He keeps coming to the races and is now a flaggie but its not the same...


Sure, you would probably find it unconvincing though. BTW, the upvote was for you asking the reasonable question about evidence rather than demanding proof.

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