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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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I guess it was confusing who you were saying was getting the karma----the PM or the white landowners.


Men rape old women inside their own homes. Their dress didn?t provoke them. The way women are dressed is an excuse for men to act badly. This is ALL about males behaving badly, not girls. Give your lectures to them. They are ones who need it.


No, the customer was harmed.


The crime is not the payments, but the effort to conceal the payments in the middle of a campaign. Creating dummy companies or have a magazine "Catch and Kill" a story, so the public could be denied information that may influence their voting decision, is a violation of Campaign rules. This could be small potatoes, unless Pecker and Weisselberg has something interesting to say.


"You think that I don't comprehend gods and need someone like you to explain the concept to me."


Yeah. She played a badass on NCIS who was also smart and cared about people. Hard mix to pull off.


So the Alaskan Government owns the oil companies?

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