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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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"SCOTUS did, SCOTUS is comprised of ONLY believers (believers in the God of the bible)."

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Not what she said, though. She does not even want Christians walking around.


Mollie Tibbets occupied the news for several weeks providing a much needed distraction from the shitstorm about trump's criminal conspiracies. What happened to her was a terrible tragedy and should be covered by the media, and the coverage was relentless in my area where she lived as a child. That said, trump and his supporters should honor her family's request and not use her death for "political leverage".


Exactly we support businesses ?targeted? by the faux outraged lefties!


Hey you changed your name.


Just wondered why you felt the need to counter with a negative when I said he had a good sense of humor. It's like you want to counter a positive with a negative. whatever...cheers There is so much positive you could say about this man and you chose to focus on a negative, negative energy. I like to live where we can have peace and get along. Thank God for a man who showed us how to do that. Not a perfect person but, deserves honor in death. He was loved and surrounded by family. Maybe you will be inspired to make a difference, a positive one.


Apparently now being unable to read is a requirement to be a Trumpist. Yes, he didn't say his name. You think he was referring to some other person who became president in 2017?


So you just want the West and East coast votes to count and fu#k the rest of the country ?

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