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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"just tell a scary experience"

"Either of you girls virgins?" I asked.

TUSHY A hot vacation with my best friend

Three classrooms later, and I'll had accomplished was a few more lads losing their virginities. Between periods, I grabbed a nerdy girl with glasses and bushy, brown hair. "Virgin?" I asked, rotely. "Yes," the girl blushed prettily. "Do you still have your hymen?" I asked and here would come her no and how she lost it.

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If I misinterpreted, my apologies. When you state, "In my experience most people who claim religious people are ignorant of science turn out to be scientifically illiterate themselves" in relation to my post, the only thing I can conclude is that you think I am claiming so in it.


But I don't "ignore all that has been discovered".


The "religion issue" with this particular baker was NOT backed up by the courts. YES, the baker won his case, but not on the merits he was presenting. He won


"Mental Disease Democrats "


Trump's father left him a real estate company valued at $200 million in 1982.


I see. Difficult to hit a moving target.


Have u heard my chicken story my first week in the USA?

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