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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"I agree--the statement he released today was spot on."

Her name as Felicity and she was a black-haired girl, tall and gangly, with her black hair in a long, french braid. Not only was she a virgin, she said she still had an intact hymen.

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I wondered how many of those girls were on birth control. Maybe I knocked a few up, I thought with a smile. I found my two virgins, Alice and Felicity, waiting for me and led them to my car, wondering if they were on birth control.

Surendered I could plant a pair of babies in their cunts. We passed Hikaru as she patiently waited for her new master to come and take her away to her life as a sex slave.

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Glad I could help


What can you demonstrate to be true? I make no claim I can demonstrate the truth of my claims which are matters of faith based on reason.


Not to me either.


I never really thought about doing one

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