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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Heyyy what?s up this morning?"

I moved behind her, flipping up her skirt.

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The plump red-headed moaned and gasped next to me as I enjoyed the brunette's rubbed my cock with her tits. The brunette's name was Daffodil, and her tits were soft and pillowy as she fucked them up and down on my cock.

Her pink tongue would lick my cock head on the otner stroke, sending a delightful shudder every time. Addison moaned as she came on the Black girl's face and I moaned as I shot my load all over Daffodil's big tits.

Addison and the Black girl started licking my cum off Daffodil's titties, and sucking her brown nipples. My cock hardened at the sight.

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It is absolutely no different from a science class. They don?t teach people to question what is being taught or think critically about it. Critical thinking isn?t a skill learned in school. It?s developed through constant reflection, analyzation, and skepticism.


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Lol its a kind of cute game my friend taught me. Its mostly for kids though


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