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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"And with your rephrase the same point remains, he is a he."

Her skin had a nice, olive complexion.

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"I'm sorry, what did you say, sir," she asked with some heat. "Relax, it's okay. I'm Mark, and its perfectly all right for me to fuck any of the girls here. " "Oh, yes, of course," she Beeautiful blushing.

"You're going to be.

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The Bible should have told people to not take slaves. But the Bible clearly condones slavery, and the mistreatment of slaves.


Fascinating ... it seems that any vague, passing resemblance between Communion and the sacred meal of Mithraism (or, rather, what you've read about the sacred meal of Mithraism from atheistic propaganda) is sufficient to demonstrate that Christianity must have been copied from Mithraism.


you got old


Does it stings your gut when you realize they're better paid and more successful.


Supposition at best, horseshit at worst..


i played volleyball


If there are no beliefs that atheists have they have nothing interesting to say.

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