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Friday, March 9, 2018

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"I was thinking.... "where has all the fun gone?""

"Damn this is so nasty," Fernie purred. "Christ, my pussy is getting wet.

"Oh God," the principal moaned. "Teenage cunt is as tight as I thought. Oh, you're one nasty slut, Jerri!" I left the receptionist masturbating to the sounds of the principal nailing little Jerri, and started walking up the halls until I came to the first classroom and walked right on in.

"Sorry to interrupt. girk "Who are you," the teacher asked, standing up from his desk.

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Expecting to be called by my legal name and preferred pronouns is not "compelling speech": it's just common human decency.


Thought DJ would be throwing rocks at him.. No wait that's been done already


Yeah, you're probably right. In this "up is down," "North is South," "black is white." (no, god forbid, not


True today being a black belt won't stop a bullet. Too many guns out there.


My stats say 62.8. The figures you go by are from 2010 and do not include Hispanics many of whom are considered "white." Now as for me personally, I'm Jewish (considered white by demographers, though not so by most Caucasian people) and have lived in over 90% black and hispanic neighborhoods most of my life.I'm 72 and every neighborhood I lived in in Brooklyn and Queens since 1949 went from white and Jewish to black and Latino and now increasingly muslim. Personally I grew up in the housing projects so I'm used to living in 90% black & latino neighborhoods. No shock for me. But you are the one who will be scared or at least nervous when YOUR neighborhood starts to look like mine. I'm not scared of anything. When Congress is over 50% black and latino then we'll see what happens, although being 72 I doubt I'll be old enough to see it. Liberals call others racists while smugly living in their white suburban cul de sacs down in their mother's basements.


hahahaha I actually saw this episode

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