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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"I must beg to differ I did not make to contact contradictory statements as I very specifically asked for things to be defined and was told hypothetically that I could use whatever definitions I wanted and such I very specifically in the first instance hypothetically assumed a computer that could create possibly in a complex enough Pro program entities that have their own consciousness I made yet caveats very clear if you wish to remove that hypothetical and see a computer program of today then my answer is obviously entirely different I hope this comes across I am using talk to text"

I saw a cute girl disappear outside and I hurried after her. She ggirlfriend auburn hair in a ponytail and looked similar to Mary from behind.

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He's been Pope for how long now ? He's only speaking on this because he's being FORCED !! He may be clean as whistle but you simply do not know. So thanking him for something he should have spoke on years ago is bullchit. IN MY OPINION.


Kind of like arrogant ignorance, you might say. It's kind of like a get rich scheme - you can be smart without the hard work of honing your IQ, just by signing on to the authorized science dogmas of the day.


I'm embarrassed to say but it was pretty cool until I actually met a guy who had obviously lied and used an old pic!


Those are enlightened assessments, however, being applied with a few epistemological problems whether anachronistically, acontextually, or specific academic disciplines.


Oh Debi, You're still #1!


So you site a newspaper involved in Democratic Party crimes.


There have been quite a few unmanned space crafts that have sent back images of planets and deep space. I am not sure why you think it is not possible.

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