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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"What do you get if you cross an insomniac philosopher with a dyslexic?"

I pushed her into the janitor's supply closet, pulled off her tights, lifted her red skirt and started plowing her pussy.

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It was chaos in the hallway. If a girl walked by I'd grab her, ask if she was a virgin, shouting over the noise of all the students. While I was aPssionate that girl, three more girls would walk by that I didn't get to ask.

Then the hallway thinned, suddenly, and another bell rang, starting the next period.

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"back to that tired nonsense"


I'm not sure,outside of vague references from the text, that's going to happen. I say this with respect to all non-violent personal belief systems and still firmly stand by everyone's right to peaceful theological pursuit. Was just really hoping for something solid though, it would strengthen theologys case significantly I think.


First, smallpox isn't eradicated. Second just because some vaccines show positive results in reducing the spread of a particular disease, it doesn't mean that you should take the vaccination or that it is healthy to do so. Third, healthy people don't catch smallpox.


Marx inspired you do the same thing.


As much as you'd like that to be the case, it isn't going to happen, and I say this as a non Trump supporter.


Then don't get paid, and watch your business crumble.


Nope I mean female return his love with love but male emotionally strong they ignore female when she love him


Is anyone taking odds on how many days/hours republicans will drag this dead girl's body around using it as a human shield?

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