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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"aww Thanks James!!!!!"

My thumb found her hard clit, rubbing it in slow circles.

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Hikaru panted, looking downcast. I watched Fernie blondf on Petrina's lips, panting loudly. I felt pressure in my bladder and was about to head into a stall, when I stopped.

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Lol ray the slayer...hahah you are hilarious


But i thought it was all going to trickle down. That is what the republicans told us. Do you mean they lied?


No Problem Blue Ranger


I bet... I really admire you! I'm a people person but I don't have that kind of patience.


There is ample evidence for the resurrection of Jesus as far as I am concerned.


We shall see.


So when Jesus says that Moses allowed men to divorce their wives he is clearly saying that it was Moses who decided that not God. If that is true then how much of the Old Testament is Moses giving laws and how much is God.


Yep. Which is both hopeful and scary, really


yes im worried about him :( like he suddenly went from upvotenig all my comments every single one i posted here and emailing me daily and suddenly disappearing erasing his disqus account and email :(


Yes, prayer can have an effect. This is true even psychologically, sometimes as a placebo effect. Prayer can also have an effect beyond a placebo effect on the individual praying. (Sincere prayer can help a person overcome a troubling bad habit, provide comfort, etc.)

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