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Saturday, April 28, 2018

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"Oh here's a nice wolf wallpaper"

" The anger vanished from the man, deflating out of him.

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"Do you still have your hymen?" I asked and here would come her no and how she lost it. "Yes," she whispered and I almost didn't make out her word. I blinked jis surprise, and lifted her green skirt. She stood frozen in fear as I slid my hand down her panties, feeling her silky pubic hair.

Her eyes searched the crowd of students, but no one seemed to notice. I slipped a finger up her wet cunt and she jumped.

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None of those other organizations teach that the love of money is evil so they are not hypocritical the way Christianity is.


Sorry Debi. I was joking


What we have is a prevalent "win no matter what" attitude. Can't win an argument? Destroy the arguer - personal life, political life, job, career, community, friends, family, by all means possible. Now we're to the point where people don't even need any specific argument - just as long as they see 'the other guy' as an advocate of anything you don't like. A lawyer takes on a gay rights case? Dig into his twitter, his facebook, everything he wrote, his career past, his family life, his friends - find ANYTHING someone might find offensive and send everything you find specifically to those who might find it offensive. You don't even need to be associated with the case. Just not liking gays, conservatives, liberals, Christians, or Atheists is all the motivation people need these days.

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