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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"That's true but it's still a good gif."

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Hillarycare outlawed private practice by physicians, either way the doctors are working for the state.


Hockey friends right?


The rich do get Medicare and SS.


It?s actually both.


A reference to them does not equate to an enunciation. You are truly a fraud.


I tend to think tat most "militant" atheists are experiencing the zeal of the converted. Think of someone who is a recently born-again christian and the type of fervor they will initially have in there beliefs. Most people calm down after awhile, but some just can't seem to pass up a good crusade.


There's no evidence FOR your proposition either.


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They are also trying to explain it without reference to the Great Green Goony Goo Goo who lives in Dime3nsion what?

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