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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"They are still fighting the stigma and trying to stop skulking in the shadows."

I slid my hand down her panties and she sucked in her breath, trembling as I invaded her panties. Her pubic hair felt silky on my hand and I gently probed her cunt and felt a thin membrane stopping me from going too deep.

He drives a red Toyota pick-up truck. You will do whatever nasty, dirty thing he wants. You love him and will be his for as long as he wants you. Do you understand?" She nodded, her head bowed submissively. "Yes.

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"Think man! Think!!!"


Great! I will waiting :D


I never claimed that at all. Now you are just demonstrating that illiteracy issue you have that I noted earlier! LMFAO!


Sure. I do not put up OP's anymore. I learned with people like this, it is completely pointless.


The indentured servant argument would be more persuasive if passages like: Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus 21:7, Exodus 21: 20-21. All these passages are supposedly from god or at the least inspired by god. God dictated 613 commandments dealing with all sorts of issues, the most famous are the 10 commandments. Other deal with food, clothing, animals that can be sacrifice, when to honor god . . . not one is about not owning a fellow human as property. When Jesus got his chance he confirmed the old laws and no where in the new testament does it say slavery is wrong or not to do it.


At this time, no (nothing that is clear at least), but not everything has a purpose. Things can just be.


I said Arabic-speaking Christians.


Ban black and white, not guns.

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