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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"Remember he can't be impeached because he's doing such a great job!"

"You want me to piss. is that pee she's licking up?" "She's a pee slut," I laughed, fucking slowly into Petrina's cunt.

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" bfloved are you," the teacher asked, standing up from his desk. "I'm in the middle of a lesson!" "Mark Glassner, Pussy Scout," I introduced myself. "I'm looking for some nice, virgin cunts. " The teacher spluttered in outrage and I just talked over him, "Teachers and students, you just sit quietly until I tell you otherwise or until I leave," I ordered.

The teacher sat back down, blinking in surprise.

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Really?how is he trying?


You seem to think he is being forced into opening a business.


Don't sow fear. Fear is from the evil one. And you don't want to be the source of it. God said that everything needs to be tested first. And what is found to be Good should be accepted. So you need to proof now that a child giving birth to other children and then reject the baby is a good thing. Or does God's Children deserve better. Or even more. Did God provide for something better or did He overlook it?


That would be just as effective as banging your head against the wall.

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