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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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"Already asked and answered. He, as a Jew, knew God's law on the matter."

" "Get undressed. " Looking downcast, she pulled her violet blouse over her head, exposing a plain white bra.

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I believe your dreams. Adam was black and Eve might have been a bit light skinned but basically a black woman. If you read the book of Enoch( seventh person from Adam), you will find out that actually the first white person was Noah. His father was even troubled by his appearance such that he thought his wife had cheated with a fallen angel. During that period fallen angel had intercourse with woman.


So there jm, where are YOUR answers to MY question's? Can you nt respond in-kind? Who said "breaking laws is minor to you"? I sure didn't, so stop trying to put words in my mouth LOL! Nice try tho! By the way, I never said "Trump did what Obama did" YOU said that. So tell me, where you just as outraged at Obamas "breaking the law" as you are with President Trump? Somehow, I don't think so LOL!


Correct. They WANT to be offended. Never once has a single protester said ANYTHING against vets, the flag, or the anthem... every single time a player is asked about it, they are VERY CLEAR that this is about racial abuse by American police. The players have done literally everything they can to make the point clear, and prove it is not about vets, military, the flag, or the anthem. Those who "misunderstand" are actively CHOOSING to do so. I had someone tell me the other day that the protesters are ATTACKING him. When I asked why he thinks that, he said, "Well, whom are they attacking if not me?" They can't even sort of explain why, but they are firmly decided on it.

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