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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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"Yes, what part of "the Gen 1 creation did not take place 6000 years ago", don't you understand?"

"You, go teach the boys today, and don't tell anyone what's going on in here!" I barked.

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How does it destroy your credibility exactly? Do you think he pled guilty when he wasn?t?


Great minds think alike. ??


So how do you really feel....,! lol Seems like people can find more constructive things to settle than who gets invited to a


Yes I have


Looks good - l'd probably give him a shave tho.


Trump is toast . He has ordered his staff to wear Depends, as well as himself. They are all dropping pay loads. He is an egotistical maniac!


Then if it is unlikely that the proper ingredients spontaneously came together to support life as we know it, what is a more likely reason?


That damn nerd face


The Trump bump was due to the top 10% who own 80% of the stock realizing Trump was going to irresponsibly cut their taxes, eliminate any regulations and let them dance on your grave. Of course they were excited!

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