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Monday, April 2, 2018

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"Fascism, as practiced by the only fascist governments in history, was government ownership of production."

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Baloney. We the people tolerate, consider acceptable, depictions of the most famous example of law known to westerners, the Ten Commandments, because it is that, as a matter of fact. If those Commandments are being put in our public buildings because of a religious sentiment, then they do not belong there. And if that were the case, it certainly does not correct the situation to have another religiously purposed statue put there by a bunch of other religious people, that is for sure. Neither are acceptable as religiously purposed. The 10Cs are permitted if they are in context as history and not religiously purposed, however, but the statue of Satan that atheists want to adore for a religious purpose, that is never acceptable and it has no historical connection to law (and if it does, it would not be one our system would honor on the building of our Supreme Court).


I don't believe I was attacking the metaphor. At least, that wasn't my intent. My intent was to use the metaphor to illustrate my thoughts on the situation it was analogising, just like you did.


-whoot whoot whoot-he is certainly entertaining!


I think I puked a little in my mouth.. ??


Except there was a Supreme Court case that already decided this issue...let me find it for you, just a sec.


Grilled food, yum. Oh I'm doing good too.


A glimpse of days to come...


The concervatives are angry they lost the civil war against a liberal.


It's the same way xtians don't bother to read their 'bible', but claim to know what's in it, simply because such a 'belief' squares with all their own preferences and prejudices.

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