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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"Years ago...there was a Bert (from sesame st.) Conspiracy website.."

"You're one nasty cracker. " She was unbuttoning her pants, and slid them down her chocolate legs, followed by her red thong, exposing a hairy, black bush.

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I pounded her harder. The door banged loudly behind us. She was panting in my ear as pleasure rushed through her body.

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That one is 2nd best for me today, right after Chickenfinger herself ??


exactly and when one attempts to show types of proof, whether they be ontological logical arguments or discussion of idealism ideology, rather than discuss and debate the quality of those said argument, instead they say, "That's not scientific proof" as if that is relevant to those discussions.


i should be one..... just saying


GREAT actor ! goood to see that he's retired enjoying his elderly years *sigh* his last movie was like in 2004 or so


Jokes are meant to elicit laughter, not invite conflict as you are doing here.


Evolution describes the results. Things survive because they adapt better or just because the environment suits them.


And Manafort can't flip on the supreme dickhead because Trump holds the presidential pardon ticket in his pocket .

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