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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"Let's rewind, former FBI Director Mueller was hired to investigate Russian interference with the 16' election to determine if anyone colluded with Russia. So, far the only people found to have been colluding with foreign entities, from both the UK & Russia, to interfere with the election have been FBI employees. Yet, former FBI Director Mueller has done jack sh*t about the collusion."

The door leading into the office swung in and a cute, sixteen year old with a heart-shaped face framed by black ringlets.

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Penalty fits the sin. That is exactly correct.


Or we might still be having this discussion. How many women out alone have been killed by citizens of the US, bodies buried, lies told? Where was it that Shanann Watts was found? Laci Peterson? What about the other woman found last week in a landfill? Remember Morgan Harrington, who's non-immigrant American citizen killer led police to an additional body, that of Hannah Graham? There are SO MANY that whoever makes this case about immigration is missing the forest for the trees,


Seems to me there are several factors at play...biological, upbringing, past abuse. So yes...a confluence of factors probably leads a pedo to be a pedo.


No I didn't see that one mate, I don't think my page was updating properly as sometimes I'd hit refresh and there would be comments pop up


Nope, you like me too much lol


He did. He saw friends killed and interrogated enemies. I don't judge him, he was a very devoted father.


I try not to recommend pdf files and their links because they can be troubling for many people unless the (Mods) review it and than verify it is free of malware or a virus.


What America needs is more of the sort of man this man is.

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