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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"First if u don't believe in God u don't have to be that evil and making fun of someone who don't writing English well , I try my best to explain ,with my poor English knowledge ,something what I think and I told u ,u have free will to think and believe what u want ,I didn't try to correct u . I just say ,because I read the Bible and I know what u want to say and what Job go trough but their is a reason way the Jehovah let him to do that, and I just say its not joke to talk about Jehovah on way u talk! U r Atheist and I respect that, so show little bit respect to people who love and believe in Jehovah! If u r Atheist that don't give u rights to talking about the God and taking his name for something u don't understand and just because u don't believe. Its hurts people who believe and plus u say we have imaginery friends like God and imaginary enemies like Satana.If u just talking about your vision and believes I will never say one word to you but u take Job like tools to hurt people who believe and I will repeat u, you don't know what u saying and way Jehovah give him rights to do that? Its only one part of Book, but u didn't reading whole Bible to understand and because of that u say what u say! Like I don't know how is to be Atheist and what u believe or not believe and I can't say to u I read somewhere this and that about Atheist and u will tell me same like I say to u but on perfect English! U have to understand that, its not on whole Earth English language, like u don't know German but if u will try to comment on German with some mistakes no one will told u what u told me! U r full of some anger and heatnes or pain, I am not sure what but its not good to treated other human on that way just because I say my opinion! Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn't mean that, and sorry for my comment. My apology for that!"

His blonde hair was cut short and turning white with age.

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Before the period ended, I bent a the auburn-haired girl I initially followed into the locker room, over a bench. She had been getting her cunt eaten out by Addison. Addison giggled, her face sticky, and found another girl who was free and the pair slipped into a sixty-nine. I spread the auburn-haired girl's ass open and buggered her good and hard.

Her ass was tight and hot on my cock as I reamed her ass, pulling on her auburn ponytail, and I shuddered when I came inside her. Sadly, the period was over too soon and I had my virgin guuys find.

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What an azz.


Nope again? You Oooooopsed ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??


I grew up driving a standard transmission so was very familiar with the stick. Now, I hadn't driven a stick in probably 20 years but everything was so tiny!!! My father in law was with me and had a GREAT sense of humor and we both got a kick out of it!


I love to cuddle.


People have sex. Animals have sex. And many times, it's not about procreation or solely for that purpose. Get over it. Hand-wringing about it and calling it "hedonism" means nothing. Facts don't care about your feelings.


"She had sulky smile, she took her standard pose as she presented herself "..


Not just botched it, but was literally coloring the Russian flag.


I used to use that to shoot wamp rats on Tatooine


We've been electing people who were "presidential material" for decades. It hasn't gotten us anywhere except in a hole.

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