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Friday, March 9, 2018

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""The actual Bible shows that he never did.""

She gasped and panted as I pulled out. Fernie was pulling her pants up, a satisfied smile on her lips.

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She tensed as my cock started to push inside her and her face contorted in a mix of pain and pleasure. "Hey," a sleepy voice growled into the phone. I started fucking her with slow thrusts and she sighed softly. "I found your slave. " "Really," Tom said, excited.

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Even for someone not knowing the Earth revolves around the sun doesn't equate to DK. Your stats don't show the subset who could be argued to be exhibiting DK. That someone doesn't know something does not mean DK. YOU seem to not understand this. DK is about illusory superiority, not about lack of knowledge.


interesting how you left out the rest of my comment. /s


Those who work to erase history are the ones that make sure it gets repeated


That doesn?t work for me. I gotta get it out.


Hopefully a Hindu pipes up. Hinduism has the concept of Dharma which can allow for obedience to supersede morality in some cases, and thus itself be moral.


Totally [email protected] right,is that somethin with a block n' tackle or a beaver.????????


Gross. Deleted, Pecan Pie.


Arch. If the newborn mind is a blank slate I think that it is fair to say that intelligence is systematically programmed as a demonstrable practical matter of fact,


I didn't mean the Christian God. The entire point I was making was the entire mention of "God" being split into little factions from each and every religion simply misses the entire point of a supreme God who is creator. The whole point I was making is that the very question you were asking wasn't one that got to my point. I guess I wasn't very clear on that.

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