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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"OMG..... nooooo..... you didn't just fail that hard."

Sadly, the period was over too soon and I had my virgin to find.

"Oh my god, Mr. Beck is such an asshole," a Black, teenage girl complained as she entered in. "Right, graduation's Sunday, why is heWhat the fuck!" her friend gasped, seeing me plow Hikaru from behind. The Black teenager was beautiful girl with a cute nose. Her skin was the color of chocolate, her black hair was braided in rows across her scalp ending with beaded braids at stckings base of her neck that clicked as her head moved.

She wore tight, blue jeans and a black, Lady Gaga concert shirt.

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So? Your life was "accidental" but you think the "origin of life" was purposeful?


that was the biggest political mistake he ever made, in my opinion.


nonsense. you presume my disdain is reserved for christians. i hate everyone equally.


I?m sure you?re not the first this has happened to. Good luck bro.


I hear they have red tide there.


"The null hypothesis (H0) is a statistical and scientific tool to test a hypothesis. It usually refers to a default state, e.g., that two quantities are unrelated. "


Curious if there is an analogous article entitled "Alt-Right/ White Nationalist/ Fascists Have Officially Take Over the Republican Party?"


yeah, so wah was the good part of the weekend


To hell with hell. :-)


I already live in a different city, so I think we'll be just fine

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