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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Vader is the man"

My thumb found her hard clit, rubbing it in slow circles.

" "We've become quite close," Rose giggled, licking her sister's neck. "Mom's even lezzed out with a few of our girlfriends. And last night, dad fucked Maya good and hard while Maya ate out mom's cunt. It was so wicked. Daisy and I rubbed our cunnies together as we watched.

innsert When I came in Daisy's cunt, Rose ate her out while I fucked her from behind.

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You were gonna jump in for the tag team? ??????


Tell em come and get it!!


Look, I am not about to give you a basic course in the rudiments of world religions so that you can finally understand the basic concepts being discussed here. I just don't have time to teach you and frankly I doubt you/your parents could afford my tutoring you.


Wayne and I have had 2 beutiful dates...????


Maybe that's why he says he's a billionaire. I'm sure that's been pointed out to him. lol


Same pony tails though....


She was the initial choice for Wonder Woman, but they changed their minds when she did a playboy photoshoot.


Who Set GOD apart?


The rest of us have ZERO obligation not to tax them as much as we can.

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