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Monday, March 19, 2018

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""So, since you say that abuse happens in schools, the Catholic Church should get a free pass? Is that it?""

Only one girl in this classroom was still a virgin.

"I had third lunch my last semester and Japqnese sucked. I was so hungry by the time it came around. Second period is where its at. " The food was sloppy joes and a salad, neither of which were any good. But I was starving, so I ate two sloppy joes and finished off the soggy salad, sitting at a cafeteria table while Whitney sucked my cock beneath the table.

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You can point out what you like. It is just your opinion.


Whales share an ancestral linage with Hippopotamuses.


Adam knew him. That according to scripture is the prototype of humanity ...Adam was made from the dust of the ground.. and his wife Eve was made from his rib. God made a covenant with Abraham whose seed , would bring forth Jesus who would identify God to the whole earth and that would be every nation under the sun.


They are nice pics aren't they


Pence is pure Tea Party Evangelical. He is heartbeat from the Presidency and if the Tea Party faithful do what they have planned since Bill Clinton, he will be there. By what ever means necessary. Pence 2020 has literally been on the ground and running, well funded and staffed, since before the 2016 election. He did what can only be seen as campaign appearances continuously, in Iowa and elsewhere just last week. His faith and beliefs and goals for his America are not secret, they have been on the table for years, just nobody has believed it can happen here. That it is happening.


I'm sorry, the link didn't have anything to do with genderless sex organs and the video also didn't mention anything about renaming vaginas "front holes."

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