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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"Personally I am amazed that pretty much every political discussion in the US currently boils down to ?yeah, but your guys are so much worse.? That is the sad thing."

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You can always download the gifs you see on the site, I do that sometimes. Here I'll upload a gif and you can download it.


77k votes shaved off the vote totals in three states


i agree with you. except i love pointing out how ridiculous liberals are when they claim that obama single handidly pulled up out of a global recession with his wit wisdom and policies... when in fact... like you said... "when you start at the bottom" you can only go one way - up.


Not even there :/


Must have been a wild party


Obviously the people living their own spirituality on their own or in a close group of friends and relatives harms no one and may, on the contrary, be an important and satisfying part of their lives. I have Christian friends. I don't like Christianity for the harm it's done in my country and I am a radical Islamophobe. There is absolutely nothing I like about Islam.


These wiggas just keep popping up like wussup. What site is this.


that is not an answer, try again with something that is not emotional garbage

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