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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"When I thought I should get serious about being a Xian, I decided to read the Bible from start to finish. I was an atheist long before I got to the New testament."

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The other three just blushed, not admitting how they burst their cherries. "Well, which girl in here's the sluttiest?" I asked. Most of the class pointed to a slightly chubby girl in the back with naughgy cute face, named Addison. "Well, slut, bend over the desk and let these guys bust their first nut.

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We already saw the Wife of God. That makes Her the Mother of His Children. The church can never be a Wife to God. It is an organisation. And it can never be a Mother to His Children. It is an organisation. The church didn't even gave birth to me. It was somebody coming to my school and the children were gathered in the hall. But that somebody left. Then Dad had to make provision for me. And periodically sent somebody on my path to give me spiritual food. They were never the church. But they were no Holy Mother. As a Holy Mother should have all Her attention on Me. Set apart for Me. I found no such.


My youngest asked me who we should be rooting for, Colts or Saints, in Super Bowl. I explained that except for the Manning Family, everybody in the world should be rooting for the Saints.


yeah it is


There is going to be some influence, yeah. But the lemon test is supposed to minimize this. And laws cannot be solely religious in nature. There has to be secular reasoning behind laws.


Amy's done, but I left her comments so people could see what a tool she is.


What kinda music do ya like?


The two crimes are not actually vastly different. Both crimes destroy lives. Her crime is so devestating, that even though it wasn't technically successful, it still ruined two lives.

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