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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"another guy who isn't going to go to prison for Trump."

All the boys in the classes groaned in lust, and a few of the girls, I noticed. I enjoyed a lusty Latina girl with a nice set of breasts as the boys took their turns on the teacher.

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" I slid in a little ways into her warm, sucking cunt and felt a thin membrane and relief surged through me. Finally, I found the last virgin I needed.

"What's your name?" "April Lovel," she whispered. "Good, meet me at the flagpole after school," I told her.

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Hardly anything has been banned


Thanks for proving you couldn't manage to comprehend the link you attempted to cite above. I didn't bother to read past the first paragraph of nonsense and deflection from the fact that you failed.


I know...I think I was just trying to picture a baby coming out and big stiches running up and down her like one of those homemade dolls she would sew O_o


So we should stop welfare and SNAP and live in the kind of country where the streets are flooded with homeless beggars because they have no food or shelter? If that's the way you feel, I'd be interested to know your feelings on taking care of veterans.


Fear is good for a group too. Protecting a group from an outside threat is necessary for its survival.


How about a plant?

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