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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"That's what I think."

She squirmed as she sat down, the creamy mess in her panties cool on her pussy.

"It's just too early in the day, I get hungry again around last Ssrvices Whitney bitched. "I signed up for second lunch for my senior year.

" Whitney explained that Rogers had too many students to fit them in the cafeteria at once, so they had three lunch periods.

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No, its the truth, no half about it. He refused because she was transgender. No way you change this does the fact she was transgender not play into this.


I personally want you to know about the love of God, you will know I am a Christian & hopefully


Not at all and not at all. You are not this dense, and you dont play it very well, bigot.


I gave three. You rejected them outright.


God is the source of all wisdom. When people reject God they are also rejecting common sense and wisdom. God the Father is the one who reveal Himself to people who are seeking Him. You can be an enemy of God the Father and if you are then why should God reveal the TRUTH to His enemy? This is why your brain is locked into the off position and you cannot understand the message from the bible. The bible is a secret and coded book that only the saved in Christ are those who are seeking the Truth can truly understand it. Those saved people need the Holy Spirit in them to help them to understand it and God's salvation. I know you do not have the spirt in you because you do not understand God the Father or the bible. The children of God the Father understand their Father but you do not because He is not your Father. The bible is an easy book to read for God's children in Christ if they study it day and night and meditate on His words. The bible has always been consistent. It is just that you cannot see it. For God the Father so love us that He sent His only Son that whosoever believe and accept Jesus Christ shall have everlasting life. Now tell me what do you do not understand about that statement I just made?


Yeah, but I was responding to your challenge about naming a successful socialist country. It sounded kind of cocky.


that comes from watching anime ..??


Because you say you can see . . .you will stay blind.


It's not so much as running away from but more like staying ahead.

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