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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"... or turn ("flip") on him."

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It is if my tax dollars are supporting these people.


Why should anyone care where someone chooses to work? No one is being forced to work at Walmart.


You are free here to use the words people say are bad.


Those two are #8 and #9 on your list.


So who was speaking, being spoken to with regards to finding slaves amongst conquered nations, which could then be bought, sold, and inherited by family members as property?


No one. Its a free advice..


You don't own me. Your condescension is dripping with bullshit so strong I can smell it through the internet so stop with your childish insults.


You can call pointing out the hypocrisy of a comment trolling or whatever all you want. Still doesnt excuse or justify the double standard.


Do they kill people for not being atheists? Do they get laws passed saying that theists aren't allowed to run for public office?


Yeah they are weird. Maybe they weren't real popular. It's a shame because they were good.

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