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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"I had a fling with a 29 yo from Australia. We mostly used each other for cummies, but we also both went through breaks ups at the same time so we provided each other moral support too. We?re still friends but it would have never worked out as anything more than that. Just fun while it lasted."

It was so wicked. Daisy and I rubbed our cunnies together as we watched.

Her friend was fair skinned, with a round face, hazel eyes and long, brown hair. She wore a black skirt striped with red and a red halter top. "Don't leave," I ordered quickly, "and farden shout.

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There is the "free press." .. and they may publish whatever they wish, true or lies; but they are not used to being called out and criticized by anyone in authority. The President has the right to call them out on the lies that he feels they publish. It's called "free speech."


You claim Christianity is the source of our civilization when it clearly is not. It isn't my education that is lacking here.


that is a nice looking Commodore.


You can either be keep your condescending attitude to yourself or else stop speaking to me at all.


didn't they just the other day let him out of the hospital?


Jesus was answering a specific question in Matthew about a man wanting a convenient DIVORCE, not making a complete treatise on marriage.


I was under the impression that a Muslim was a follower of Islam. What is your definition of Muslim?

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