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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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"Is their job to outlaw political opposition to the democrat party because that is the only job the FBI are doing."

"Oh, dearie. Yes, I'm sorry, I'm a little flustered.

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A girl shrieked and everyone froze, covering their naked flesh with whatever was at hand. A female gym teacher stood up from her office, storming out. "What the hell are you doing?" she congidently.

She was a bulldog of a woman, face reddening in anger, and looked like she could just tear my head off barehanded if she wanted to. "You, go teach the boys today, and don't tell anyone what's going on in here!" I barked. "Girls, line up, naked.

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How was I to know that you're gay?


Sounds like she really doesn't wanna win. (smh)


Hillary is twelve points ahead!


Epicharmus: "It is not the eye that sees, but the mind: it is not the ear that hears, but the mind: all things except mind are blind and deaf. "But though God is one," it was said, "He has many names, deriving a name from each of the spheres of His government He is called the Son of Kronos, that is of Time, because He continues from eternity to eternity; and Lightning-God, and Thunder-God, and Rain-God, from the lightnings and thunders and rains ; and Fruit-God, from the fruits (which he sends) ; and City-God, from the cities (which he protects); and the God of births, and homesteads, and kinsmen, and families, of companions, and friends, and armies God, in short, of heaven and earth, named after all forms of nature and events as being Himself the cause of all. (Pseudo-Arist. de mundo, 7, p. 401 a)


At best, that would make you a Deist, not a Theist let alone a Christian.


Well, that's the point: people don't have to offer reasoned arguments in defense of their religious beliefs. Never. Disrespecting people solely because they fail to deliver arguments in defense of their religious beliefs makes no sense at all, that's just stupid. People deserve respect, regardless of their religious beliefs, because they are our fellow human beings. If you fail to understand that, you're a very immature and perhaps even a delusional person with the reasoning abilities of a baboon.


No. I want truth (even though I?m libertarian) I think everyone would like it. Can we get it?


same ...for they will be called the children of god, yet as we are all the children of god, we shall lie in the same bed we have made with the peacemakers.

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