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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"I happen be an artist but just for fun how about you tell me what art "means". I look forward to your answer."

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SVG needs a better start than yesterday. Too big a risk of a double stack otherwise. Scotty 10th, wow ??


Who do you like


Oh, come on they most be joking


Nah, it is right wing nuts that do something vile simply for the sake of doing something vile.


ikr! It's good to just relax and not fill people's minds up with stuff they really don't want to know about...Like my sister telling me that her husband had a naturally hairless crotch!


not pointing blame at what you make, but at we have to pay without choice, my mom did what she felt was needed, but we can't choose what the federal government spends, takes. that's what the unions do to americans in the government jobs.


Dang...sausage factory up in dis bish ???????????? where ma hoes at doe??????


No, some are just democrats.


Nothing personal but the internet isn't what it seems


An honorable man would have resigned by now and let the party pick a real Republican.

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