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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"On that note, scientists have been pretty good at extracting soft tissue from dinosaur bones. I bet you can find carbon in dinosaur soft tissue. That kind of blows to heck millions of year theory on dinosaurs. Blood cells, blood vessels soft tissue that still elastic. It's not millions of years old. Soft tissue will still have carbon makes it less than 100,000 years if you use the very best equipment and less than 30,000 years using regular carbon dating methods."

A few of the other boys in the classes had pulled out their cocks and were jerking off, watching their teacher get fucked by the third boy.

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They were short and tall, curvy and skinny. Some had big breasts, others little ones. All their breasts were perky with youth, nipples pointing upward and bouncing as they walked.

Most had pubic hair, only a gorgeoys were shaved bare. Some had hairy, thick bushes, while others were neatly trimmed for bikini season.

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Slavery like we think of slavery is in there, but God does give rules for how to treat slaves. Because slave owners betray God's rules, they lost their slaves.


No smart as. Blame the person but not the faith itself. Follow?


There are many things that are known but can?t be proved.


Trump didn?t do the deal real deal makers did. Now what kind of deal remains to be seen.


'life in the Big Leagues?"


I thought it was called marriage?


Soooo freaky!!! ??????. I saw it with my GF at the time and was like

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