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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Today is an exception?"

I check in on them and found Petrina happily drinking her pee in a bathroom stall and Maya happily getting her sloppy cunt eaten Nwked by Petrina.

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I was not disappointed and my cock grew hard in an instant. Everywhere I looked, there were girls half undress, putting on sports bras, pulling on gym shorts and t-shirts. A girl shrieked and everyone froze, covering mej naked flesh with whatever was at hand.

A female gym teacher stood up from her office, storming out. "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded.

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Ah, the guy who wanted to give Amnesty to all illegals with his buddy Ted ' woman killer' Kennedy.


well, from all i have studied - along with extra-Biblical materials and annotated facts- there is no mistaken for the road i have chosen, Sir.


If you are a sheep, you can be lead by anyone, anything, or any superstition.


If you have any evidence, present it, quit playing "let me frame the debate to conform to some narrative I've absorbed", and get on with it.


["people active on Disqus who are Christian and identify ass LGBT."]


Duh! He doesn't read. He watches television. He can't get through a three page security briefing - he insists everything be reduced to one page with bullet points. You think he cracks that thing open and ponders St Paul's Epistle to the Romans?

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