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Friday, March 16, 2018

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""Did The Gospel Writers Manipulate OT Prophecies To Make It Seem Like They Were Fulfilled By Jesus?""

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That barn door got left open a long time ago.


That verse deals with marriage and divorce not LGBT.


Yet you can have love without god or any deity. One only be taught love to love. Anyone can teach you that. If your atheist parents taught you love, you will know love.


Attractive? I find them very attractive in breakdown triggered mode. the following male I mean female supporter is stunning feminine


Then since your claim is that a Creator is not needed, and science cannot support that claim, your claim is rendered unscientific on its face.


No disagreement there.


People today really have no idea of much of


but that's a long way from the enactments you described


I am against any group that engages in death threats or physical harm. period.


Hahahahaha look at you trying to save him from further embarrassment. Take your own advice Rightist.

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