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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"what're your hobbies?"

It swung inward so she was trapped between me and the door.

Both were looking great, their hair was blonde, Rose's long and braided and Daisy's short. They both hugged me and kissed me, excited to see me and my cock was excited to see them. Their clothes came off as the rest of the class were doing some sort of experiment.

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Tell me something I don?t know.


why arent the dem leaders disavowing Ocasio Cortez and Bernie...


University did its investigation and that was their conclusion.


I didn?t realize how many folks can?t read. :(


So you don't like socialist


Ready for summerslam?!


Common phenomenon actually. People do not understand something, they push their agenda until they can understand it. It's about controlling others and how they live.


Pascal's wager, rephrased... what this rephrasing neglects to do is figure in the costs of the wager if you are wrong and there are soooo many ways you can be wrong. Further, it doesn't reflect that there could be greater costs if you are wrong. (Using the example above... let's say that if the bad guy discovers you have some idea he exists and when you guess wrong as to who it is, he tortures you before killing you, just for having the stones to even try and stop him.)


I said perfectly mobile, which is what you need for true supply/demand to work.


False. Of course it does.

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