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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Most of the stuff on it have been refuted long ago.


Steve found a Toyota one. Goes with the joke that really all us filth really drive Toyotas... :-)))


Yeah, my secret's out. Now EVERYONE will be doing it.


if we are using the clinton rule as you described trump has told how many lies now while being president? i dont want to argue but if clinton was impeached for lying why isnt this happening now? theres a double standard and it isnt good. we know trump is a bad person hes LIED about things countless times while in office so the clinton rule tells me he should be impeached AF i dont think Pence is much better but at least he has no corruption scandals and hasnt lied to us (that we know of)


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It's like you're one of those people who keep running into a glass door...

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