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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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"I am not advocating either side. I am just pointing out the flaws and the consequences for ignoring natural law, and that future conditions will determine the form of government if humanity is to adapt and survive."

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I am pretty sure it comes from the taxpayers. That the unions are fighting against.


They are official records and statements How can't they be used against him?


no way a hetero guy gives up sex. Celibate is another lie. Not happening


Federal law take precedence over state law. She has no case. You can refuse to sell guns to anyone you want. that is federal law.


No. The meme is that there are open-minded people (Nye) and close-minded people (Ham).


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Not common sense. Wishful thinking.


I've given you no fairytales. Your comment added nothing. It was deliberately disparaging, thus the troll comment. Here is your statement, to refresh your memory.


The RCC didn't exist until the great schism of the 11th century CE. The oldest New Testaments we know of were written in Greek, by Greek scholars of the Eastern Orthodox tradition... That is the other four Patriarchies. The fifth being the Latin Church which became known later as the Roman Catholic Church.

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