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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Sex w/o marriage, & children born out of wedlock have always been a reality. Past, present, & future. A kinder Deity/Universe would have inexorably linked reproduction to"

When I left, their teacher was taking my place, giving Addison a very spirited lesson as the class cheered him on. I bumped into Melody, who, along with her mother, I fucked at the Old Navy store last week.

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Both girls nodded. "Good, Black girl, drop your pants and panties and White girl, get down and let your friend pee in your mouth. " "Damn!" the Black girl exclaimed. soowly one nasty cracker.

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Couple weeks and I?ll be fine. Our pool season doesn?t really start out here until October lol.


Yup, can't own a tank, what's the point. /s


I asked you to name a circumstance in which slavery is a moral act. Why can't you answer the question?

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