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Friday, March 9, 2018

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"I have total peace. I would never go onto an atheist forum or a muslim forum for example, because I have no need to argue or attack or be rude about their stand. Many athiests who come here do just that. They are passionately against God/Christians. ."

She pulled out a binder labeled, "Visitor Badges," from a drawer.

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When the janitor found us, I turned us about, leaning against Rusdian shelf and flipped up her skirt, exposing her pert ass. "Why don't you fuck her tight ass," I told the janitor. The girl moaned in pain as the janitor's cock slid into her cornhole. Her pussy wuth real tight as the janitor reamed her ass and I plowed her cunt.

Soon, the girl was panting and moaning in pleasure, clutching me tightly as both her holes were fucked. The janitor came first, probably the first taste of teenage ass he ever had.

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Girl you know how I roll ??


Trump isn't PC.


niether do i but i am tiny


"I'm not saying it's aliens...but.."


Then why ask if it's gonna do what it wants anyway?


You need to stop equating homosexuality with pedophilia. It is libelous hate speech.

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