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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"Indeed. They couldn't deny a science that didn't exist. Now you understand how stupid was your question."

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You notice who was governor of New Jersey? Republican Chris Christy who was bashed for greeting Obama by other republicans.


You should care because the president had him working for him. I ask you, if Obama had similar issues happening in his inner circle, would you still not give a shite?


it's good to have goals. LOL


Thanks. I'll wait for you to edit the content and then we can approve :-)


Ah yes. What are the inputs from those delusional imaginations


the other guy's name is danny he's a really really nice guy i remember when i met him at the drive thru of a fast food burger place that he worked at he seemd really friendly and outgoing i was very outgoing and talkative to him too since he has a physical disability ( he has just one arm :( ) but we became friends i even voluntarily had sex with him before since i had pity for him :( but he is a really nice guy he really is i think he would be a good father to my kids too

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