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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"That's about the gay couple,"

A plain looking Hoy lifted her skirt and shoved her pussy in the Black girl's face and she just started lapping at the plain girl's clit.

Korrapti," the girl said. "Oh, it's alright, Jerri," the receptionist said. "Mark's scouting for pussy. " "And aren't you some pretty pussy.

" I stroked her trembling face. "Are you a virgin, Jerri?" "No," she muttered, looking away from me.

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Sounds like an "oh, well, it is what it is" approach to the problem.


" And species also get fuzzy at the edges."


A person who poses as Christian but clearly is not by their actions.


Pizzagate is one thing, and one thing only. It's the allegation that an illegal pedophile ring is being run out of the basement of Comet Pizza in DC. Hence the name "pizzagate."


Beer o clock folks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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