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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"I really, really wish the left would stop glomming onto the civil rights movement, which specifically dealt with the treatment of American blacks. Night and day."

" "We've become quite close," Rose giggled, licking her sister's neck.

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"Here's your panties back," I said. "You should put those on right away. " The Black girl, flushing darkly, stood up and pulled the panties soaked in spit and cum up her creamy legs.

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What's better call Saul?


Oh what tangled webs we weave.....


Since 1955, polio has become almost completely eradicated. If you'd rather bring back the iron lung, though...


There are sooooo many


That's funny. I agree about Chicago, but the Chicago's pizza is one of the city's specialties and something to really crow about, especially the deep-dish pizza which is more like a pie than a pizza. Delicious!


There simply isn't going to be any pleasing the left until they have turned the country into a socialist-communist police state.


Yes I did. ?? I draw it for a living, but I'm still learning. ??


Quite a number of people do. You cannot restrict their religious freedom. Try to be more tolerant.

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