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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"This was my answer to your now deleted post: All good, I know, I was just tickling Justintime's dangly bits ??"

Petrina rose up, wrapping her arms around the girls hips as her head disappeared beneath the girls skirt. Petrina's cunt squeezed my cock as the new girl relaxed, her mouth open in awe, as she pissed in Petrina's mouth.

Her cunt started to moisten and her pieced quickened. "Hikaru, you're going to be Tom's sex slave," I told her. "When school gets out, you will wait outside at the drop off zone for him to pick you up. He drives a red Toyota pick-up truck. You will do whatever nasty, dirty thing he wants.

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Struggling to come to terms with being wrong is your problem.


I love Star Wars but I'm not THAT crazy! XD Actually I'd get a sunflower on my back...(not a full back one, though...)


There is absolutely zero need for you to go the insult route...


I did above.

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